Scientific proof of the power of words

If you’ve ever doubted the power of words, here’s the science bit.

Word magic – how writing affects your mood

In September New Scientist magazine reported on the physical and psychological benefits of being happy. Part of the article was dedicated to ‘mood boosters’, science’s top five ways to achieve happiness. Top of the list? Writing about positive experiences and emotions.

  • one study showed that writing about a positive experience increases your satisfaction with life. Better still, the results last for at least a fortnight
  • a second study proved that writing about your emotions for two minutes a day improves your physical health, with participants consistently reporting fewer health complaints than the control group

The written word is a powerful psychological tool. Words have a much broader, deeper reach than simple communication. They affect our behaviour at a profound, fundamental level.

As a freelance copywriter I take research like this seriously, adding fresh knowledge to my bank of expertise. Anyone can write content. But it’s much more of a challenge to write commercially powerful content – stuff that inspires and sells. One more sensible reason why it’s best to hire an experienced freelance copywriter.