Respond to the news and win business

Grab the tail of a current event and hang on!

Occasionally a news story will resonate with your business. So grasp the opportunity and tell people about it!

Putting your slant on a local, national or international news story will bring readers, responders, visitors and customers. Here’s an example.

You are a building firm. A local scandal has just surfaced. A rash of cowboy builders, insisting on cash up front, have disappeared leaving customers’ jobs unfinished. You write letters to your local papers, send out a press release, email your local radio station and write a blog post on your website called Top ten tips to avoid the cowboys.

The result? You get a letter printed. Another local paper prints your press release and uploads it to their website at the same time. And people searching for details about the story online run across your blog post.

Beautifully simple. It’s almost rude not to…