Repetition isn’t a bad thing

Think it’s wrong to repeat yourself in your marketing materials? Think again…

Why repetition is a good thing in a marketing context

Ideas and concepts can be difficult to communicate, especially when they’re very familiar to the writer. An idea might seem simple to you, but utterly baffling to someone who isn’t in the know. Successful website copy helps visitors understand.
Seasoned copywriters realise that people’s minds work in different ways. So – as a matter of course – your copywriter should encourage more of your target market to ‘get it’ by:

  • Recognising if and when when short copy isn’t enough and delivering longer explanations
  • Identifying more than one way to express the same point by approaching ideas from a completely different
  • Approaching the project as though they know nothing about your product or service

When writing B2C for complicated products like financial stuff, I often use the ‘Granny Test’: asking people who know nothing about the subject matter to read my copy. Depending on the target market this might be my granny, my partner or the milkman. Put simply, if someone who knows nothing about the matter at hand understands your message, you’ve communicated it successfully.