Quality copywriting for content marketing… the grown-up way

Google’s quality message is percolating through the SEO and online marketing communities and everyone’s suddenly chasing great content: beautifully written, interesting, relevant, useful and entertaining stuff that attracts back-links, traffic and social media sharing.

It’s great news, resonating strongly with freelance copywriters like me. It means we can focus on communications excellence instead of being briefed to jam as many key words and phrases as possible into a web page, article or blog post, effectively putting the interests of search engines before human readers. I really don’t miss the bad old days.

The stellar rise in demand for quality copywriting services means there are new writers popping up all over the place. But I’ve come across a flurry of new clients who’ve been let down by sub-standard copywriters in the past few weeks. People who can’t string a sensible sentence together, have lamentable organisation / communication skills, absolutely no business acumen and think it’s perfectly OK to start a project then disappear off the face of the planet without an explanation. Some even demand payment up front, which is just outrageous.

You need quality copywriting to succeed at content marketing

If you’re looking for someone to write quality content who’s reliable, professional, experienced and creative with a strong direct marketing background and the required amount of business nous, why not ask me for  a free copywriting sample, or a quote?

Fast, efficient, experienced, professional

  • a simple, sensible process with no complex forms to fill in – in fact, no forms at all!
  • quick quotes within 24 hours of your enquiry, usually a lot sooner
  • no strings, no obligation, no hard feelings if you don’t want to take me up on the offer
  • no payments up front. I’ll only invoice you when the project is complete and you’re 100% happy
  • you can brief me with a one-liner, give me a detailed agency-style brief or do things backwards, asking me for feedback and effectively approving the brief I propose to you – good news if you haven’t a clue where to start
  • I’ll tell you which day I’ll be working on your project and let you know what day and approximate time you’ll receive your copy
  • I include two sets of amends in with the price, although I seldom need to take copy beyond the  second draft…
  • …and I promise I won’t disappear on you!

I write about any and every subject. Here’s just a few of the copywriting projects I’ve worked on in the last few months, for local and national businesses as well as international organisations in places like Libya, Israel, Singapore, Eastern Europe, France, Yemen and the USA:

  • websites for hosting, West End theatre tickets, travel, international fast food franchises, dentistry, French champagne, high end cosmetics, art materials, travel insurance, business support services, software, real estate, HR, mobile web, outdoor offices, hand-made chocolates, jewellery, property leasing, five-a-side football, domestic cleaning, health and fitness and (last but never least!) cake
  • blog posts and articles about dog ownership, expat support, social media marketing, SEO, direct marketing, inbound marketing, money saving ideas, business networking, fuel cards, small business, accountancy and VAT, financial advice, crime thriller novels, range cookers, leather wear, holiday cottages, cosmetic surgery and ethical gifts
  • promotional, direct marketing and print materials for UK exam boards, telecoms and training companies

If you’re looking for content that’s written with verve, flair, personality and confidence, let’s do business the grown up way. It won’t cost you a fortune, either.