The power of storytelling

You could go into infinite detail about the complexities of marketing communications. Or you could take a step back and see it for what it really is… storytelling. 

The fine art of telling compelling stories

Copywriting blends creativity and logic to create stories that inspire people to act. When a story isn’t adequately clear, poorly expressed or just boring, it falls flat.

Whether it’s a web page or article, blog post or email campaign, direct mail or advertorial, press release or TV advert, you need to inspire people in much the same way you would have millenia ago, crouched around a roaring fire enthralling your fellow tribesmen and women with tall tales of adventure.

How do you know whether you’ve created something that’ll knock your audience’s socks off? Look at it dispassionately. If your content doesn’t make you feel excited and inspired, or at least satisfied you haven’t wasted your time, it probably won’t ding other people’s bells either.

If you’d be happy to pay for it, publish it. If not, go back to square one. If you can entertain readers, teach them something and make the process a pleasure, you’ve cracked the fine art of storytelling. Which is half the marketing battle.