A poem for Monday – varied content is good!

Here’s me wittering on about keeping your blog lively and varied… and all I do is write about copywriting and marketing.

It’s time to practise what I preach. Here’s a poem for Monday, written recently, the first in my new anthology due out in Kindle format during spring 2013.

The marketing  bit? It’s relevant to my blog because as a writer I deal in words. A little off -piste but that’s no bad thing when it’s a blog’s job to entertain as well as inform.


I take the pebble to mum first.
She tells me it’s beautiful.
Dad examines it, proclaiming “Hm, porphyry”,
before smashing it with his geological hammer,
just to be sure.
I decide to collect sea shells instead,
dodging the frilly lace-rushes of the chilly, shallow North Sea waves,
feet pale blue,
raw with cold on the hard pink sand.