Picture This – My Writer’s Studio

I’ve worked with some of my copywriting clients for years and years. Most of the time we never meet face to face.
As a freelance writer I write for international businesses in the Middle East, EU and USA as well as national and local clients. Email makes these cordial long distance working relationships possible and I’d be lost without it. But it’s fairly impersonal and some people like to know more about the professionals they spend so much time collaborating with.
So… here’s a photo of my copywriting studio. This is where I work, from around nine ’til four, five days a week, on the first floor of our home with beautiful west-facing views of the South Downs and the sea. My SEO Consultant husband Tony works from his home office / music studio downstairs.
freelance copywriting studio
As you can see it’s a visually stimulating room, essential since I spend so much of my life in it. I’ve crammed the walls with vintage original art, mainly from the 1950s to 1970s, as well as my own paintings and other creations: wood carvings, hand made curtains, curiosity cabinets and a series of 3d tableaux which I blogged about a few months ago. It’s full of plants too, which keep the air fresh and healthy. And it’s cosy and snug, the floor smothered in layers of vintage and semi-antique rugs.
Add BBC Radio 4 burbling in the background and you get the picture. If you take me on as your freelance copywriter, this is where I’ll write your stuff. I never get lonely or bored. I’m a natural freelancer. I adore working alone and our three cats make perfect companions. Here’s Dave ‘helping’ me write.
copywriting cat!
When I’m not drafting copy you’ll usually find me reading, working in the garden – my grand passion – painting or being creative in some other way, writing poetry and stories, exploring antique emporia and junk shops or walking long distances across Sussex with Tony, up to forty miles a day in summer.
I love my work. I love our easy, calm, chilled life together. I am ridiculously happy and contented. And the joy I feel shines through my work, making the copy I write special. Or that’s what my clients say, anyway!
Now you know a bit about me. If you’re too busy to write content for your own website and marketing campaigns, let’s have a friendly chat about how I can help.  Just email me on katien@helpinthecity.com or call on my mobile: 07976 737243.

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