Paperblanks releases the ‘Ultimate Tablet Case’

A beautiful Paperblanks notebook

As a bit of a stationery whore, I’ve always adored beautiful notebooks. When, 25 years ago, I discovered Paperblanks, I fell hook, line and sinker for their delicious, stunning quality notebooks and diaries, and since then I’ve bought a diary and at least two notebooks from them every year.

As notebooks go, they have an unusually long shelf life. Not only are they useful for writing notes, ideal for a list-monster like me. When they’re full I rip the insides out and save the glorious covers to use in artworks.

So far, so good. But now they’ve surpassed themselves, the buggers, in the form of a tablet jacket so gorgeous, so lush, that I’m going to have to buy one. The only thing is, being environmentally aware enough to make do with a smartphone for fun and a desktop for work, I don’t actually own a tablet. And that’s what I call a consumer conundrum.

Am I mad enough to buy a tablet just so I can treat myself to a Paperblanks tablet case? Hm… potentially. It protects your tablet from bumps, scrapes and scratches. You can use it in six different ways. It’s suitable for a wide range of iPads… oh, and there’s the thing. I don’t do Apple. And that’s actually a relief. It looks like I’ve just saved myself hundreds of pounds… although if they expand their tablet case range to other tablet brands, I might be back in trouble!

On the other hand Paperblanks is also offering a new range of pencil cases, memento boxes and dot-grid planners, so there are plenty more ways to stay hooked on a brand I’ve actively loved for a quarter of a century.

If you fancy treating yourself, here’s a link to the Paperblanks website.

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