One step versus two step marketing

Depending on your product or service, there are two key ways to sell via direct marketing: one step and two step.

What’s the difference between one step and two step campaigns?

Direct marketing is any marketing campaign, online or offline, that requires a response from prospects.

  • One step: when your offer is simple and straightforward you can send one communication. Make a strong proposition, provide plenty of ways to buy, give a help line email address or phone number and you’re off
  • Two step: when your product or service is complex, innovative, new or very expensive it’s usually more of a challenge to sell. The first part of a two step campaign makes a powerful offer and persuades hot prospects to apply for more information. The second bit delivers responders all the info they need to make a buying decision


  • One step: You receive a mailed offer. It includes an application form and reply envelope, order line ‘phone number and details of how to apply online
  • Two step: You get an enticing email that includes a link to a landing page. You fill in a form on the landing page, which you enter to find out more before you buy