Direct mail makes a comeback

Once upon a time direct mail was seen as the lowest of the low. Endless poorly-crafted bank, credit card and insurance offers. Cheap and nasty. Avoided by posh brands. Derided by the media as wasteful, profligate and poorly targeted.

But the evidence is stacking up for a real direct mail revolution. Once the poor relation, good old DM is being adopted by a flurry of luxury sector players and premium brands as the next big thing. And they’re getting some astonishingly good response rates.

Direct mail works!

Take Land Rover UK, whose 8.6% response rate delivered a cost per sale of £59, pretty darned good when the average new Land Rover sells for more than forty grand. Boden, Ettinger and Scott Dunn are joining the DM party too, by all accounts reaping impressive returns on investment.

Their secret? It’s no secret. As direct marketers have been saying for decades, winning direct mail campaigns succeed because:

  • the offer is highly relevant, targeted tightly and intelligently to a specific market with a specific need
  • the creative is as good as the offer

There’s nothing better than getting an attractive,  relevant offer through the post that hits you hard with an appropriate level of eye candy. There’s nothing less appealing than getting a mailing that’s completely alien to your tastes and needs as well as butt ugly.