NSI website research 'proof of the pudding'

It’s good to see big organisations taking customer feedback into account when redesigning their websites. And it’s interesting to get a glimpse of the thought processes they went through. So thanks to NS&I for a wonderfully transparent email marketing campaign.

According to their message, this is what National Savings & Investments discovered when it asked customers for their opinions:

  • we prefer pages with less clutter because they’re easier to read
  • we found the text on NS&I’s previous site too small and difficult to read
  • we want it to be easier to find information

And this is what NS&I did about it:

  • they changed the structure and layout of their pages
  • they added a high contrast option and increased the default font size
  • and made the navigation simpler

Then they emailed their customers, in beautifully plain language, to explain exactly what has been done.


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