North Devon Landscape Paintings

I’m a copywriter by trade. But I have an art Degree and paint pictures for fun. Having said that, I haven’t put brush to canvas for two years. I spent 2016 trying to sell up and move house, and 2017 decorating our new place. 
Last weekend I finally got around to painting a couple of landscapes I’ve been mulling over for many months, both ultimately inspired by North Devon in the post-Beast from the East period, after the snow. Here they are.
The first is fairly literal, inspired by an ancient hedge I photographed up on Exmoor, marching across the lip of a windy ridge with remnants of snow still apparent and a powerful Easterly gale howling. But however cold it gets in our little corner of England, it is always vividly green. I’ve represented this using brighter greens towards the bottom of the picture.
A painting of a Devon landscape.
After the snow - North Devon
This one’s less literal, exploring the post-snow landscape in terms of the coming spring, which I’ve represented using a hot scarlet background that shows through the cool greens.
Both paintings measure 40cm square and are made using acrylics and mixed media on canvas – namely coloured pencil, biro, tip-ex, glue and felt pens.

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