‘Nobody Reads Blog Posts’ – But Search Engines Do!

TikTok has changed social media more than you might imagine. The network’s super-short video content marks a sea change in the way many younger people consume online content. But I’ve recently heard several naive people claim that ‘nobody reads blog posts any more’

Is it true?

No, it’s actually rubbish 😉

According to research by Databox, the majority of content marketers find blogging more useful now than they did two years ago. And as anyone who understands the principles behind SEO knows, blogs are just as important to search engine optimisation as they’ve always been. If anything, blogging is more relevant than ever.

Whether it’s long or short, a well written, informative and entertaining blog post remains a powerful tool for SEO. Keeping your blog up to date will help your business perform better in all sorts of cool ways – a great blog is still an invaluable part of every good marketing strategy.

Why the nay-saying? There will always be people who think the latest new thing is going to destroy the thing that came before it. But in marketing it’s never true. Telly didn’t kill cinema or radio. Video didn’t kill cinema. Ebooks didn’t kill printed books – quite the opposite. And video hasn’t killed written content. That’s just daft.

Think things through properly and you quickly realise that new media opportunities are exactly that – new. They’re an addition to the things you’re already doing, an extra rather than a replacement.

There’s more. Search engines can’t rate, rank, explore or classify online content at all well using anything but the written word, which means words are still vital to search visibility. Good search visibility remains business-critical. And great quality search remains crucial to users.

I rest my case!

If you’d like your blog to become lively, exciting, interesting, useful and entertaining, something that sits at the core of your marketing plans, I’ll write posts that help you achieve exactly that. Let’s talk.

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