News International research helps marketers bridge eco-gap

Bridging the eco-gap – How to sell green stuff better

Green marketing is difficult because consumers are cynical. Why? Because lies, bullshit and ‘greenwashing’ have polluted the core message for far too long. Luckily research by News International, recently discussed in depth by a panel of top UK marketers, reveals some useful insights if you want to sell more green stuff:

  • most consumers only change their behaviour when a supplier makes the first move – we’re surprisingly passive
  • while 55% of the 800 newspaper readers questioned said packaging is key to making  a brand appear greener, only 31% of marketers feel greener-looking packaging is at the heart of a green buying decision – a significant disconnect
  • whereas most marketers focus on reducing carbon emissions, most consumers want to know how much money they’ll save by going green – another big disconnect

Revelatory? Not really. More like common sense.

Money talks. Most of us are motivated more by personal gain, less by abstract notions like ‘saving the planet’. The solution is much the same as it is for any sticky marketing challenge. Don’t just assume what people want. It’s lazy. Ask them. Then listen to what they say… and give it to them.