New 'copywriter diary' blog category

My copywriting and marketing blog is one amongst thousands, many of which are excellent, packed with useful facts, resources, news, guidance, insight and advice. How do I differentiate mine from the rest? 

Leaving my marketing head to figure things out for me while I get on with life, I’ve had a lightbulb moment. Blogs were originally designed as diaries – ‘web logs’ – for personal use. Why not add a ‘diary’ category?

Copywriter diary blog category

  • It’s important to come across as approachable and human – a diary category ticks the Likeonomics box beautifully
  • I’ll have more things to talk about, covering all sorts of subjects to showcase my writing skills instead of just copywriting and direct marketing
  • I’ll still be able to include my key terms
  • It’ll shake things up and give me a creative boost
  • I haven’t found anyone else in my line of work doing it

Will it work out for me as a writer, attract attention and have a positive marketing impact? No idea. I won’t know ’til I try. Watch this space.