Networking on Twitter wins new business…

…But marketing on Twitter doesn’t

In 2011 I invested time and effort testing Twitter to see if I could make it turn a decent profit.

It worked, and these days I tweet regularly to generate new freelance copywriting business. It’s very lucrative.

But having read through last year’s posts about making Twitter pay, I’ve finally realised I haven’t actually been marketing via Twitter. I have simply been networking. Duh!

Using Twitter to generate new business

I’ve come a full circle. Revisiting what I did last year, I don’t think you can make a success of marketing on Twitter. Marketing just isn’t intimate enough, you can’t automate intimacy and blatting out a load of hash tag-filled, sales led, link stuffed Tweets doesn’t cut the mustard.

In my experience, taking a bird’s eye view of last year’s testing, it’s one-on-one interaction that attracts new business via Twitter. Stuff like favouriting, re-Tweeting and replying, giving support, asking and answering questions and so on. In other words, classic networking activity.

In conclusion, networking on Twitter can generate a healthy ROI. It shouldn’t be a surprise when you think about it. Twitter is, after all, a network. It just goes to show how taking a regular, dispassionate look at your marketing efforts generates extremely useful insights!