My top 3 website content writing nightmares

According to the marketing theory of Likeonomics, which I covered in a previous post, when you confess to your weaknesses people warm to you because they see you’re human and fallible, just like them.

Fine. I don’t mind confessing my top three web content writing nightmares.

When web content writing goes wrong

  1. Being pompous. Most days I’m the queen of plain language. But sometimes I just can’t stop myself writing pompously. I lose my grip on plain English, tie myself in knots and write sluggish, lumpy dirges. Nasty.
  2. Creative blocks. The logical side of web content writing is always within conscious reach. And my creative side usually runs full on, full time. But now and again I get a creative block, churning out copy that does a decent enough job but has no sparkle, life, enthusiasm or oomph. Not good enough.
  3. Moments of madness. Most of the time I’m fiendishly organised and efficient. As a freelancer I have to be. But every now and again I go all fuzzy for no good reason and spend an hour forgetting to attach files to emails and sending stuff without checking the spelling. Fluffy or what.

How do I cope when I am temporarily rendered crap?  It’s hardly my clients’ fault and they expect their work on time. I hit the garden and spend an hour weeding, clipping, pruning or digging. A miracle cure for pomposity, creative blocks and fluffiness, it works every time.