More silly mis-types for a wet and windy Friday

My new keyboard is on the way. Which is good news when a week of sticky-key-generated mis-types delivered this lot! 

  • Put your money where your moth is (put your money where your mouth is)
  • guest posy (guest post)
  • poop-up shop (pop-up shop)
  • no stings attached (no strings attached)
  • lost conversions (loft conversions)

Mis-types mean proofreading is essential

Obviously spell-checkers don’t pick these up, which makes proof reading a really important part of my everyday copywriting life. Mis-types are often difficult to spot, partly because I’m expecting to see the right word and have read and re-read the same passage countless times during the writing process. And partly because my familiarity with the context and content makes my brain automatically correct them. Which means I’m temporarily word-blind.
To make sure I catch everything, I put each completed piece of work aside until I’ve finished the next one, then I go back and check it one more time. At which point the mistakes suddenly shine through.