Monitor your online buying behaviour…

…and apply what you learn to your website

There are loads of things you can do to optimise your website for visitors. But are you missing a trick? Making assumptions is one thing. It’s also useful to think creatively about persuading people to buy. How?

Here’s a simple exercise that’ll help you pin down unforseen ways to enhance your visitors’ experience and boost sales.

  • Every time you buy from a site you haven’t used before, make a note of the main reason you chose that site over the others you looked at
  • At the same time jot down the main reason why you didn’t buy from the other sites you visited

You’ll find, like all of us, that you respond well to solid practical stuff like great copy, clear navigation, good value, a choice of ways to pay, sensible layout etcetera. But you might also find yourself responding positively to things you didn’t expect and couldn’t have predicted.

Eventually patterns will emerge. Persuade friends, family and colleagues to join in and you’ll have a healthy bank of data, potentially sprinkled with nuggets of sales conversion gold. Then apply what you’ve learned to your site and see if sales increase.