Mobile web – Time to bite the small business bullet?

Mobile web is going absolutely mental right now. So what’s the best move for small business websites?

Do you need a responsive website?

There’s a lot of chat about delivering a different website experience for smartphones, tablets and desktops. Thousands of developers are beavering away 24/7 trying to create the ultimate all-singing, all-dancing mobile web solution. But right now there’s no best practice and no all-in-one magic technology that’ll do it for you across multiple devices.

Which could leave you in a bit of a commercial pickle. You don’t want to fall too far behind the competition. Nor do you want to be an early adopter of slick new technologies only to find they become obsolete within weeks.

What’s the best thing to do? There are three options.

3 mobile web options

  • some experts say hang fire ’til things level off a bit
  • some people recommend moving your site onto a platform whose developers are hot on the mobile web case. Then it’ll stay roughly at the forefront of development while weathering the inevitable changes as the whole kit and kaboodle beds in
  • others think it’s best to keep it simple, making sure your site displays and works as well as humanly possible on every size of screen. Which at the moment means keeping it small and fast-loading, steering clear of excess flashy, whizzy bits and exercising a measure of common marketing sense

On balance, doing nothing isn’t a realistic option unless you were born in the land of smug. If you’re serious about ecommerce, at the very least it’s time to put your thinking hat on.

Update for 2015 -There’s no question about it. It’s 2015 and every website should be responsive, accessible and fully functional via every type of device.