Maximise the ebook marketing potential

Ebook marketing – What will an ebook do for you?

E-books are hot. But is there any commercial value in uploading an e-book to your website?

Provided the content is relevant, informative and well written, an e-book should ding the right bells. A great e-book can pack enough power to infuence buying behaviour and increase conversion.

Upload your e-book as a .pdf and you tap into more good stuff. Search engine algorithms like words. They’ll ‘read’ the .pdf, checking its relevance against the site’s content. If they like what they ‘see’ they’ll make your site more visible to people who are searching for your type of business using your key words and phrases.

If visitors enjoy your e-book, there’s a chance they’ll tell other people. Some might link back to your site or blog about your e-book, which’ll help raise your visibility and give your business added credibility.

Update the e-book itself whenever you have something new to say and you’ll benefit again. Search engine bots tend to revisit sites for re-evaluation more often when the content’s refreshed regularly.

Once your e-book has been created and formatted, adding to it should be fast and inexpensive. Uploading new editions takes seconds. And you can track response and check for traffic increases easily and fast using your regular webstats package – great for informed planning.

The verdict?

The verdict? From a marketer’s perspective, a quality e-book is a valuable element of the marketing mix. Go write!

Update September 2014: When I wrote this post, the ebook revolution was revving up. Now they’re mainstream, illustrating just how fast digital marketing changes.