Make nine words work hard to win response

Grab tiny marketing opportunities – small can be beautiful!

Earlier this year our local hotel launched their summer menu. The chalkboard sign outside – which faces thousands of cars stuck conveniently at traffic lights 24/7 – said: New Summer Evening Food Menu Available Inside At Weekends.

Which says it like it is. But limited space needn’t mean boring. If you only have nine words to play with, make them tasty ones.

Three nine word alternatives

  • Hot? Tired? Hungry? Lovely fresh summer food all weekend!
  • Delicious, freshly cooked summer food for hazy, lazy weekends!
  • Eat, drink and be merry! Fresh summer weekend food

The same goes for online marketing. Most directories allow only a handful of words for business descriptions. Which is fair enough: the idea is for visitors and search engines to see at a glance whether the site described contains what they want without having to wade through miles of text. Building a micro-masterpiece, including a suitable key phrase, is one more small way to give your website a positive boost.