Landing pages improve campaign results

Research says it’s well worth using a specific landing page for each email marketing campaign. So what are landing pages all about?

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a single web page designed to boost sales. You send out an offer by direct mail, an email campaign or whatever. But instead of expecting responders to go to your index page and find their way from there, you send them direct to a page full of compelling, offer-specific content… specifically designed to drive sales conversion.

Useful tips for creating a campaign-specific landing page

  • Repeat your offer up front confidently and firmly, even if you’ve already made the deal clear in the first step of your campaign
  • Integrate the page by using the same subject line as the first step of your campaign for instant familiarity
  • Include compelling sales-related product information, buyer testimonials, product reviews, images etc to drive and maximise conversion
  • But keep it elegantly simple, making your points as succinctly and strongly as possible
  • End with a powerful call to action
  • Reduce form filling and admin to a bare minimum to make the buying process fast and easy (you can always collect more details later once your buyer has taken the plunge)

When someone hits your landing page you’re half way there. They’re a hot prospect. You’ve already hooked them with the first part of your two step campaign. Your landing page should reel them in.