Know what digital content your audience loves best

“As a content marketer you need to know what the trends are in your area and what is currently hot. With BuzzSumo you simply type in the area you are interested in, hit search and it will produce a ranked list of content that is currently being shared most.”
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You are on a mission to generate digital content your audience will love, because it helps you build links, build your brand, boost your reputation and improve your bottom line. But you need to know what type of content performs best within your niche.

How on earth do you find out the kind of stuff people respond to best? Here’s a hugely cool content marketing insight tool that helps you discover the most talked about and shared content on the world’s top social media sites.

BuzzSumo – Finding digital content your niche loves

BuzzSumo is new tool for identifying the most popular digital content in your sector. Why does it matter? Because it gives you clues about what type of content to create for your target market. Once you know what they want you can do a better job of it than your competitors, with content that:

  • is written better, in a more appropriate tone of voice
  • has extra personality and verve
  • goes into more depth and detail
  • includes quotes from authority sites, brands and people
  • contains outbound links to relevant, authoritative places
  • is presented in a more exciting or palatable way
  • includes key terms more effectively
  • meets people’s needs better
  • is more entertaining and interesting
  • takes direct marketing best practice into account to improve % conversion and response

About BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo uses vast amounts of social data to point you in the direction of the most popular, talked-about and shared digital content. It lets you:

  1. Find out the most popular content people are sharing in your niche
  2. Track down which subjects, headlines and format works best
  3. Pin down excellent content to share and curate
  4. Identify guest post opportunities
  5. Analyse the best content published by your competitors
  6. Establish which influencers have shared the top-performing content you’ve found
  7. Find the most important influencers by topic
  8. Sort the results by Page Authority or Pagerank
  9. Sort the information by social media metrics, things like retweet frequency
  10. Research and hook up with influencers

You can also see current articles on the subject you’re writing about and how they compare with yours, research and analyse by content type, see which content is being shared and what headlines they’ve used… all absolutely invaluable when content that people appreciate, talk about and share is top priority for digital marketers.

“The BuzzSumo team has done a fantastic job of providing detailed intelligence around industry influencers and successful content.”

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