Kitten in loaf with cod….?!

Purina packaging causes amusement in corner shop

I popped to our local shop recently to pick up some cat food. And was surprised to find a clump of people clustered around the petfood section.

What was going on? They were having a laugh about the copy on a pack of Whiskas specialist kitten food. ‘Kitten in LOAF with Cod’ it announced, loud and proud.

A quick surf uncovered another delightfully silly piece of copywriting. Thank you Purina, for also giving us ‘Kitten mixed selection in jelly’. Urgh.

The down side? Very poor copywriting. There was plenty of space on the pack for clarity and there’s no excuse for forgetting punctuation. Something like ‘Kitten food: Tasty meat loaf with cod’ might be more like it. The up side? None of the dozen or so complete strangers who laughed about it together are likely to forget the brand.