Kick start a business with PPC, support it with natural SEO

So you want your online business to hit the ground running. And you’ve got a few quid in your budget.

Where do you start?

Many business kick off with PPC – Pay Per Click – which delivers immediate targeted traffic. Brilliant stuff. The only thing is, once you’re ‘hooked’ on PPC it’s difficult to stop. What PPC gives PPC takes away; the minute you turn it off visitor numbers plummet.

Wise businesses set the natural SEO ball rolling at the same time as Pay Per Click. As soon as natural SEO delivers the visibility they need – number three on page one of Google for the search term ornamental trees or whatever – they turn PPC off.

The really clever ones take SEO into account at site-build stage and start work on natural site optimisation as soon as the site goes live. They implement PPC at launch, carrying on building natural visibility in the background.

Tackling SEO earlier means hitting the tipping point faster and switching off PPC sooner.

What is natural SEO?

Natural search engine optimisation mimics what happens when a site is gradually discovered and ‘talked up’ by internet users, gaining reputation and credibility over time. SEO Engineers use a wide spread of online promotion methods and media to build up a site’s visibility to search engines slowly and steadily.