Is someone else using your strapline?

Straplines and slogans are funny things. Most businesses carry on perfectly happily without them. Others should perhaps think about dropping theirs. Toyota, for example, use ‘Toyota. Moving Ahead’ when moving in any other direction in a car, except when reversing, would be dangerous and silly if it wasn’t already impossible.

Make your strapline meaningful

If you’re keen to create a strapline or slogan for your business it’s a good idea to dream one up that actually means something to customers. Something true and useful, not just sounds cool or arty. The emperor’s new clothes won’t cover your business’s naked bits.

It’s also good to check nobody else is using your new strapline before you wade in and plaster it all over the place, especially if you’re investing heavily in web design and print. Or if you want to avoid legal action. is the place to go. Their database contains thousands of  straplines, taglines and slogans, many of which you’d have a hard time tracking down yourself.

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