Is Saying Thank You as Powerful as Protesting?

Yet another bunch of emails pops into your inbox… including three different pre-created protest emails to send to your MP.

It’s brilliantly easy to make your feelings known online through, 38 Degrees and a host more pressure group platforms. On the other hand every protest email you send is also sent by thousands of others. And while volume speaks loudly, endless streams of pre-written protest emails, sent over a period of years, probably leads to compassion failure.

Our MP is a case in point. He’s immune to my mass email protests by now. No wonder he sends pre-written messages in reply. I’ve decided to take a different tack. While it’s good to protest against things you don’t like, it’s just as important to say thank you to the people who make great decisions, important choices you agree with.

I’ve been writing thank you letters. It’s wonderful to get genuine personal replies from individuals responding to my unique, heartfelt thanks. As every good marketer knows, thanks are very powerful indeed. Gratitude inspires us, delights us, spurs us on to greater things.

Thank you letters sent via email are one thing. But there’s more. Saying it in writing on paper, sent in an envelope, with an actual stamp, by post, is the most powerful of all, simply because it’s so very rare to receive anything through the letterbox that isn’t a bill or marketing gumph. If you want to make an impact, protest. Then support that impact by grabbing a pen and thanking the good guys.

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