Is more than 230 Twitter followers 'meaningful'?

Apparently we can only maintain meaningful social interactions with 150-230 friends.

Does the same go for Social Media Marketing on Twitter?

We’re all human so there’s no logical reason to suspect we can handle more than 150-230 concurrent meaningful business relationships any better than we can personal relationships. And by all accounts we need to communicate meaningfully to make a commercial success of Twitter.

Thanks to things like Tweetdeck and Hootsuite, it’s good news for big brands and companies doing large scale, nationwide SMM activity. You’d go mad trying to interact meaningfully with all those followers without special SMM management tools.

It’s good news for local businesses, small businesses, sole traders and freelancers too, giving us the scientific green light to create small, relevant, intimate Twitter communities instead of feeling we ought to build and manage millions of followers like the big boys. Horses for courses.

Interesting times…