Is content marketing starting to pay off?

Content marketing: Google gives, Google takes away

Google’s recent Penguin algorithm updates caused terrible problems for websites whose back-link profiles fell short of the search engine giant’s ideal. At the same time, Google made it uncharacteristically clear that they consider quality site content – stuff with a strong reader focus rather than created with search engines’ needs front-of-mind – to be the way ahead.

As a result some SEO experts have put their link-building activities on the back burner until the dust clears, focusing hard on the content side of life instead. And they’ve started to notice remarkable results.

I can’t give details because it’s client confidential. But I can say that I’ve come across two examples this week alone of sites that have gained dramatically better positions in the search results pages without so much as a sniff of a link building campaign. All they’ve done is change focus to concentrate on creating the best possible content; fresh, unique, useful, relevant, well written and all that good stuff.

Interesting. Very interesting!

Content marketing advice

If you want to know about the ins and outs of content marketing in a post-Penguin, post-Panda context, here’s an excellent infographic on the subject, recommended by my very own tame SEO expert: Content Marketing – What’s you plan of attack?