Inspired? Surf the wave while it lasts

Stockpile blog posts and drip-feed them regularly

It’s common knowledge that posting regularly into a living, reacting blog encourages a loyal following. Hm. I’m a fine one to talk. Some weeks I’m just too busy to write a post and other times I’m stuck for a subject.

Now and again I’m full of ideas and inspiration, and have a couple of hours spare to rattle off a post or two. So as far as regularity goes, I’m as crap as the next person.

A nifty WordPress function, however, makes life a bit easier for sporadic bloggers who should know better. It’s simple but elegant: when inspiration strikes, write like the wind. Stash as many posts as you can for a rainy day then drip feed them automatically into your blog, one or two a week.

I hate to quote a supermarket advert, but every little helps.