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The wonderful world of marketing is never dull. Here are a few random chunks of news, views and interesting marketing insights to pique your interest, tease your brain and maximise your marketing impact. 

Marketing insight and news for March 2015

Dominos pizza lost in space with maths

Sometimes clarity is difficult to achieve, especially when you’re hell bent on covering your sorry ass. Which is presumably what happened when the marketing folk at Dominos Pizza were faced with writing copy to promote a special offer. Apparently punters can make “savings of up to and over £350”. How much?

Blogging bears ££££££ fruit

My most popular copywriting service? It’s blogging, something my clients find tough going themselves and are happy to hand over to me. I write to a strict brief for some people, for others my role involves tracking down unique, strange, weird and wonderful blog post ideas on their behalf.
I love writing blog posts, each one a compelling story in miniature. So it’s lovely to find out from one of my favourite clients that one post in particular is a real hard hitter, an evergreen piece of content that people are finding genuinely useful. But there’s more. It’s also a conversion engine.
Apparently this particular post, a detailed piece I constructed around a set of popular long tail keywords, pulls in a regular stream of readers month on month and a good proportion of them convert, generating anything from £2000 to £5000 per sale. The post cost my client £40, making the ROI pretty damned good.
Can I bring this copywriting magic to bear on every post? Obviously I do my best to create unforgettable content every time, but it’s notoriously hard to predict what’ll actually go ballistic, go viral or otherwise hit a nerve with a large number of people. If it was easy, everyone’d be doing it. On the other hand client feedback reveals I pull it off often enough to make a real financial difference. Which pleases me no end – I am officially ‘chuffed of Brighton’.

Uncovering precious blog nuggets

Marketing insight doesn’t come much better than this, and it’s all under one cover. Yet again I find a gold mine of brilliant news items in New Scientist magazine, my favourite source of the truth about life, the universe and everything. So what? So if I had a quid for every copywriting client who struggles to find subject matter to write about, I’d be rich.
The trick is to keep your eyes and ears open 100% of the time just in case something relevant – or something that can be angled to make it relevant – pops up. The oddest news items can be harnessed to deliver the right message, whether you sell VA services or gold jewellery, consultancy or software test, business coaching or high street fashion. Whatever your sector, it’s just a matter of using your imagination.
Take story 1, which reveals how “exercising hard or not eating for a while” alters your immune system’s behaviour so profoundly that it suppresses some forms of unwanted immune response, which in turn can protect you against nasties like Alzheimers, diabetes and various horrid autoimmune conditions. If you run a gym, a doctor’s surgery, a diet club, food shop, health farm (the list goes on…), it’s a brilliant news item to blog about, turning it to your advantage.
Then there’s story 2, a hair-raising warning to the USA. The nation apparently faces 40 year mega droughts in the face of human-led climate change, and they could start to ravage the country within just 50 years if we don’t get our act together. If I was a business selling any kind of renewable energy I’d get blogging. The same goes if I was into farming equipment or sold any of the paraphernalia that goes with agribusiness. In fact this story is so far-reaching and horrific, with a bit of imagination and creative thinking it can be applied to almost any business, anywhere.
If you don’t have the time or inclination to jot down blog post ideas as you discover them let alone transform them into unique, fascinating, wholly relevant posts, why not let me do it for you?

Doing your website homework

My WordPress website is coming up ten years old. I only uploaded the excellent Yoast SEO plugin some time in 2013 or ’14. Which means several hundred of my blog posts don’t have appropriate meta data and a whole load of images aren’t tagged properly. I have also acquired various broken links and haven’t ‘nofollowed’ links that should be nofollowed. Duh.
The word on the SEO street is this: fixing on-site issues is more important than ever. So I’m slowly, methodically fixing the jibblies bit by bit. I’m hoping it’ll support better natural search results. Two years ago I was all over page one Google like a rash for my top keywords. These days I’m more or less invisible. So it’s well worth a punt.
What about your website? If there’s any low hanging fruit, you’d do well to fix it.

Build your own 3d printer, week by week

If you’ve ever wanted to build your very own 3d printer you’re in luck. Even better, all you need to do is buy weekly editions of a special magazine, each of which comes with a 3d printer part, then stick ’em together and tada… you’re in business. It just goes to show how fast new tech can develop when it hits the consumer sweet spot, revealing itself as a genuinely useful and desirable piece of kit. The magazine is called 3D Create and Print, and you can either buy it weekly at any good newsagent or subscribe on the 3d create and print website.

Charity copywriting Karma

I’ve been writing free copy for charities for many years. I’m fortunate to be a popular copywriter and pro bono copywriting is no skin off my nose. In fact, as the past nine years as a freelance writer have proved, the more free copy I write, the more paid work comes my way. And, I must admit, it’s a really good way to get my name bandied around in marketing circles as well as generate a generous, positive brand.
Would providing pro bono services generate more business for your company? While it’s hardly run-of-the-mill marketing advice, it’s worth a try.

The marketing power of ‘thank you’

Along the same lines as pro bono karma, have you factored the power of ‘thank you’ in to your marketing efforts? If not, it’s well worth thinking about. Do you thank your customers for their orders, your suppliers for their deliveries, your advocates for their support… and do you thank the people who raise complaints or make negative comments about your business?
We Brits live in a nation where a thank you is much more than a nice thing to have. Pleases and thank yous are the skeleton upon which our notoriously good-mannered culture hangs. We live in a country where good manners generate a whole load of extra goodwill, which helps you breed loyalty, harness the power of word of mouth recommendations and improve your brand’s equity.
Here are 7 common circumstances in which a simple thank you will help make your business memorable.

  1. When someone buys from you
  2. When they make an enquiry
  3. When they respond to a marketing campaign
  4. When someone returns a product to you for a refund or replacement
  5. When they make a complaint
  6. When they mention you on a social network
  7. When they fill in a webform

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