Increase site visitors via great meta descriptions

Small but beautiful – make the most of meta description tags

A web page’s meta description tag lives in the header section of the source code. It is used to describe the page’s content to searchers. Written well, it is a powerful little advert that inspires people to click through and visit your site. Here are a few hints and tips to get your meta descriptions in great working shape:

  • Restrict them to 150 characters including spaces – if they’re too long search engines will cut them off mid-way and you’ll dilute their effectiveness
  • Use a sentence or phrase that describes the page’s content really accurately
  • Avoid repeating words – it wastes valuable space
  • Don’t include your site URL in the meta description
  • Use key words or key phrases that are directly relevant, targeted tightly to the content in each page
  • Don’t use ’special’ characters like ! @ # $ % – some browsers and search engines can’t understand them
  • Make it exciting enough to attract click-throughs