Images in marketing – Is this picture worth 1000 words?

processorImages in marketing? Don’t waste time being arty

Are you planning to use images in marketing? Most of us do. They’re powerful medicine. But is this image worth 1000 words?

Key US research proved twenty years ago that the most successful campaigns – with the biggest returns on investment – contain images that:

  • attract the right target audience
  • help describe the product or service in visual terms
  • boost the sales message’s strength and heighten its impact
  • enable key extra details to be communicated without words
  • support the marketing messages, giving extra commercial power
  • get the message across instantly, saving people time and effort

A world with more marketing noise than ever

OK, the research was carried out two decades ago. But think how less crowded communications were then. No internet. No mobile ‘phones…  Today, people are busier than ever. These days you really can’t afford to play hide and seek or do a Damien Hurst with your direct response marketing.

Being mysterious and ‘creative’ doesn’t improve response and conversion rates. Quite the opposite. The advert pictured is a good example of a bad offender. Take away the words and this strange lady could be advertising flash mobbing, contemporary dance, tights, vitamin pills… I doubt your first instinctive thought was ‘processors’!

If you want to make proper money from your marketing, stick to images that really do speak louder than the words you need to say. When including images in marketing, make sure they make sense.