If you’ve only got three words, make them count!

‘Breakfasts served here’ announces the chalkboard outside our local Hotel, somewhat grimly. Hm. Not exactly inspiring.

Even when you’ve only got space for three words, it is worth taking care over them. ‘Breakfasts’ is a useful word. But ‘served’ is superfluous; it goes without saying that they’ll serve it to you. And the word ‘here’ is pretty pointless too. Where else would they serve your breakfast… on the moon?

Make your 3 words work hard for their living

Here are a few examples of how to inspire people to buy a gut buster, using just three words:

  • MASSIVE English Breakfasts!
  • Breakfasts with Attitude!
  • Big, tasty breakfasts!

I’d wager that any of the above would out-perform ‘breakfasts served here’ and increase the hotel’s breakfast revenue. The lesson: waste not, want not. Squeeze every scrap of value out of limited advertising and marketing space and your business will feel the benefit.