If your offer sounds too good to be true…

… it probably is!

I was recently asked to write website copy offering a DVD set worth £75 for £19.99. Which is fair enough. But the client was also planning to throw in an extra bonus DVD set worth £600… for nothing.

Handled wisely special offers and discounts can pull a healthy response. But if you stray beyond the bounds of credibility you risk getting no response at all.

Most people recognise a good deal. But they’ll instinctively shy away if it seems too good to be true. Make an unrealistic offer and the only people who’ll buy are a few dafties gullible enough to take you up on it. At the same time you also reduce the perceived value of your product or service to such an extent that it appears worthless. Or even worse, downright dodgy.

It’s a fine line. If you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to test different prices to see what works best, at least ask a decent-sized crowd of people to give you their honest feedback about how your offer ‘feels’.