Social media marketing expert, my arse!

There’s no such thing as a social media marketing expert

Contentious? Perhaps. But it’s common sense. Especially to someone like me with more than two decades’ hardcore direct marketing background.

Think how long social media marketing has been going. Not very long. It’s impossible to have more than ten years experience. Five years is pushing credibility too far. Three is unlikely. One or two is more like it.

Think about how much / how quickly SMM is changing; faster than a fast thing from an incredibly fast place. Is it possible to be a seasoned expert in a marketing medium this new and volatile? Call me old fashioned. But there’s just no way.

If someone claims to be a social media marketing expert, run for the hills. Don’t hand over a penny. If, however, you come across a marketer who knows the basic nuts and bolts of SMM but acknowledges the jury is still out, hang on to their shirt tails and enjoy the ride. Just remember that no matter what anyone says, there are no guarantees.

Update for 2015: Social media marketing is maturing nicely and genuine experts are finally emerging.