Identifying and resolving bad copywriting habits

Everyone gets into bad habits. I tend to over-do the exclamation marks and use the word ‘all’ too much. But because I always double check my copy and strip out the extras before sending it to clients, my bad habits aren’t a problem. 

Other people habitually spell the same word wrongly time after time, get their apostrophes in the wrong places or repeat a tired suite of favourite superlatives.

You can only mitigate bad habits when you’re aware of them. If you’re not sure whether or not you have any, it makes sense to get someone honest and sharp eyed to check your DIY website content first.

People often ask me to take a look at the copy they’ve created and report back with my recommendations. I’m always happy to do so, no charge, and give a sensible quote for getting things into shape. No strings attached and no obligation. Just honest, straightforward advice.