How to structure a killer press release

Hit ‘em between the eyes with a press-ready piece. Here’s how

How do you structure a killer press release?

  1. headline
  2. introductory statement
  3. question
  4. quotation
  5. response
  6. quotation
  7. conclusion
  8. contact details

Here’s an example. I’ve numbered each bit so you can see what I mean.

1. Search website launches holiday genie challenge

2. The economy’s in a mess, jobs are precious, money’s tight and – in times like these – saving cash on your package holiday is more important than ever. The MD of online holiday search website is so confident that his site will always return the cheapest deals, 100% of the time, that he’s happy to put his money where his mouth is.

3. So what’s the story?

4. “We’ve employed a genie” explained Nutter Smith. “I stubbed my toe on an old lamp on holiday in Turkey last month and out popped this brilliant holiday Genie. We haven’t looked back since”.

5. The secret of the holiday Genie’s success appears to be his ability to slide backwards and forwards in time, predicting and nabbing the best holiday deals a fraction of a second before the competition. And boy, do consumers love it.

6. “If anyone, anywhere out there, can find a better deal than my holiday Genie,” grins Smith, “I’ll pay for it. Bugger it, you can take the wife and the car too if you want.”  

7.  And he’s not joking. The man’s deadly serious. A winner for holidaymakers seeking the very best deals? Undoubtedly. But as to whether Smith’s holiday Genie can continue to pull it out of the hat, that’s a different matter… watch this space!

8. Details for editors: HolidayMagic is a virtual holiday operator based on Mars. MD Mr Nutter Smith has eleven hundred years’ experience in inter-stellar travel. For more details and comment contact: Telephone 000000000. Email address: xxxx. Website address:  xxxxx. Street address: xxx