How to stop Google personalising your search results

If you’re neck deep in DIY SEO and want to find out your latest positions in Google’s search results, don’t forget to disable the personalised search option first.

What are personalised search results? In the interests of improving your search experience, unless you tell Google not to it’ll return results based on your previous searches and the sites you’ve visited in the past. Why disable personalised search results? As a normal punter they’re harmless enough. As a marketer they’re misleading.

Avoid personalised search results

If you want to check your positions for various keywords you want clean data. You need to see what the rest of the world sees, not results that have been skewed to take your own tastes and behaviour into account. So how do you avoid getting personalised results from Google searches? Simple.

Go here and download this excellent plug-in, which works for both Internet Explorer and Firefox.