How to optimise Twitter for SEO

Did you know you can optimise Twitter for SEO? And maximise your chances of persuading people to click through the links in your tweets?

Here’s how.

  • Twitter includes an excellent image button so you can share your images instantly and easily. The thing is, when you do it that way your site doesn’t get the resulting ‘link juice’ when people click through. So there’s no SEO benefit. It’s best to upload images to your site directory and link to that instead. Google and co will ‘notice’ when people click through to see your image, which ultimately helps with site visibility
  • when you keep your image (or any other) urls short within your tweets, you leave more space free to persuade people to click through. Bitly is one of the best ways to shorten urls and it’s free. Better still it’s one of the few url shortening tools that redirects link juice to your site using a 301 redirect. Most of the others use a 302 redirect, which doesn’t send any goodness your way