How to identify long tail phrases

Five ways to help you identify long tail search phrases

  1. Analytics software: Either use a dedicated programme or analyse your data yourself to find which long tail phrases people are currently using to find you. Bear in mind you need a decent chunk of data to get statistically relevant analyses
  2. Google Suggest: Not what it’s designed for, but Google Suggest comes up with really cool ideas using current data from the web’s most popular searches
  3. Keyword research tools:  There are loads of free keyword research tools online. It’s their job to help you create automatic lists of relevant long tail options
  4. Ask other people: “What would you type into Google if you were looking for a…?”
  5. Use your imagination: Do all of the above then shake your imagination hard and bring everything that falls out to the party

Once you’ve got a decent list you can winkle out your strongest options with a Venn diagram.


  • Revisit your long tail phrases regularly to make sure you’re on the ball and up to date
  • Get empirical evidence to back your assumptions – test long tail phrases to identify the most profitable