How to give your business the best possible on-site SEO start

There’s not much point building links to your site unless you’ve done a solid on-site SEO job.

Find a web designer with a good grasp of on-site SEO

That means they’ll know about naming your site pages with your top key terms in mind for a start. Setting out your page content to make life as easy as possible for search engines, naming images accordingly and making the meta data for each page work its hardest. Using nice, clean, clear code and avoiding various SEO-led coding pitfalls. Making the code accessible as well as compliant with current Web Standards. And more.

All too often I’m asked to write SEO-friendly copy for sites where the designer obviously hasn’t taken search engine needs into account. Which means the content I create has much less SEO potential, power and impact. And they face a much bigger struggle than necessary to get where they want to be; at the top of the search engine results pages.

An SEO-aware designer should ask you for your top key term for each page so they can name your pages intelligently. If they look blank when you mention web page url naming protocols with SEO in mind, don’t go there.