How to format SEO-friendly web content

Here are some basic guidelines for laying out winning web page content clearly and sensibly  so search engines ‘get’ your story.    

How to lay out winning web content

Because it’s easier to lead by example than explain, here’s how to lay out SEO-led web page copy to benefit search engine bots and site visitors. The key phrases are freelance copywriting and freelance copywriter. These appear in the header and subheads as well as within the body of each paragraph. The copy is split into three chunks of roughly 100 words, with a main header, separated by subheads. It’s a format used by many large, successful ecommerce businesses – including the mighty Directline Holidays and close competitors Travelox- to help maximise their visibility. Here goes:

Freelance copywriting – An expert UK freelance copywriter (main page header)

Use a freelance copywriter for beautiful, effective, SEO-friendly copy (subhead) 

As any freelance copywriter worth their salt knows, search engines use words – and nothing but words – to explore, index, classify, rate and rank websites. So your site content is enormously important. Words do much more than inspire visitors to buy your stuff. They’re the foundation of successful ecommerce. Take words out of the equation and your site will never be found. But get your site content right and you’ll give search engines a vital helping hand. Simple. Or is it?

Freelance copywriting across every industry and sector

Writing is one thing. Writing for marketing is another. And writing for SEO is something else again. It’s a specific skill and you need an expert on the case. What kind of expert? Unless your business is big enough to employ a copywriting specialist, or you can afford to take on a creative marketing Agency, you’ll need a freelance copywriter. Someone who can hit the ground running with beautifully written site content. Or transform your existing site copy into something with masses more commercial oomph.

Freelance copywriter – Don’t accept less than the best 

Find yourself a freelance copywriter with direct marketing expertise and you’re onto a real winner. Someone who knows how to write to sell. Someone who understands how search engines work. Someone who will bring their marketing expertise into play to your business’s benefit. Someone who knows what’s what online. Someone with a firm handle on the ever-changing world of search engine optimisation. That’s me. Whether you’ve got a new site or your existing site needs work, get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling.