How to focus your press releases correctly

Some people circulate press releases via distribution sites as bait for backlinks. Some aim their releases firmly at the national and local newspapers, trade magazines and other real-world print publications. Wise marketers do both. Either way a winning press release should inform, announce and reveal rather than sell.

Quality press release distribution sites reject releases with an overt sales focus. And newspapers and magazine editors ignore them. So give your press release campaign the best chance of success by focusing your releases properly.

What is a good press release?

A great press release does all this:

  • uses factual language
  • avoids emotional statements
  • informs rather than persuades
  • announces rather than sells
  • covers things like research findings, statistics, ideas, innovations, new markets, business wins and NPD
  • follows a distinct press-ready format to save editors time and hassle rewriting it

If you’re in any doubt about whether to write about a subject, double check by asking yourself honestly if what you want to say is actually newsworthy. It also helps to triple check by reading the business section in any daily newspaper. Go back to your draft release immediately afterwards and it’ll be 100% clear whether or not you’ve struck the right tone.

In contrast here’s a short list of places where you should push the sales boat out:

  • your website
  • direct marketing and direct response campaigns
  • advertorials
  • email marketing campaigns
  • advertising – online and off
  • Google AdWords ads