How to edit website copy… the visual stuff

You can edit a dirty great chunk of text until you’re blue in the face. But you need to format it properly to give it the biggest impact. 

How to edit website copy

Good editing deals with more than words. It also considers format and makes intelligent use of empty space.

  1. It’s really important to break your text into bite sized bits
  2. Headers and subheads let visitors pick out key facts fast
  3. Dividing content lets you split vital information into logical blocks so it’s easy to digest
  4. Breaking chunks of text into short paragraphs helps visitors read and understand your message
  5. Bullet points and lists help you communicate complex information in a simple format so people can easily sort through and evaluate it

The space between headers and body text, paragraphs and subheads is equally important:

  • Including space allows readers to pick out key facts fast, helping them find what they want quickly
  • Spaces make your message seem more manageable, so people linger for longer
  • Spaces make your copy more visually interesting, so people read more

Obviously a happy, well-informed, entertained visitor will buy more stuff than one who is frustrated, bored and confused.  So expert editing is a must, not a ‘nice to have’.