How to create the perfect online response form

What’s the perfect online response form?

In the olden days we direct marketers took a great deal of care over response forms. We knew that if they weren’t good enough, response would suffer. Online response forms are seldom up to much – it seems to be a lost art. So here’s how to create the perfect online enquiry form:

  1. keep it as short, sweet and simple as possible. The easier and more intuitive your form, the more people will use it
  2. don’t bother with red stars for ‘required’ information.  If you don’t really need the data, don’t ask for it
  3. use plain English – there’s no need to resort to legalese or gobbledegook just because it’s a form
  4. always ask where people found your site so you can feed the info back into your marketing plans. A drop down list with an ‘other’ freeform option is ideal
  5. if you’re offering a call-back, provide a choice of times to phone so people can plan their day properly and you have the best chance of reaching them