How many pages should a website have?

The answer is simple: As many as you need to drive responses and sales. 

As a general rule the simpler and more familiar a product or service, the less information we need to make a buying decision.

I’d be hard pushed to add anything else to my freelance copywriting site, although I can blog until the cows come home. There’s only so much you can say about my services and there’s no merit in over-egging the core message. But if I was selling a revolutionary piece of technology or a unique new service, I’d probably need to say more. So I’d need a bigger site.

The absolute minimum web pages you need

The bare basics? Say I’m selling something exceptionally simple like a screwdriver:

  • home page
  • product details page with buy button and order form / registration form
  • contact page (although it’s better to have contact details on every page for convenience)
  • about page (although many businesses these days do without an about us page)