How long should my blog post be for SEO?

When you’re faced with a marketing puzzle, think it through logically. Here’s a question recently asked on Twitter: “How long should blog posts be for SEO purposes?”

Blog post length – Is there a rule?

And here’s the answer:

  • Search engines take into account how long we spend on websites. It’s just one of hundreds of pieces of information they use to build up a picture of where a site should sit in the search results
  • People tend to spend time on a website because they’re enjoying it. If not, they leave
  • If your post is boring, irrelevant or badly written, people won’t stick around to read it. No matter how long or short it is
  • Therefore blogging should be about quality, not length
  • The better your post, the longer people are likely to stay on your blog and read more posts

How long should a blog post be for SEO? As long as it needs to be to get your point across elegantly, thoroughly and plainly, in an entertaining way. No longer. No shorter.

Google always likes it best when you put people’s needs first…