How Green is Your Copywriter?

I don’t know about you, but I do my best to avoid buying from businesses that pollute, emit CO2 like nobody’s business, or blithely carry on doing the same crappy things they’ve always done despite climate change.
I thought I’d let my copywriting customers and prospects know how climate-friendly I am. If you want to hire a green copywriter with a conscience, walk this way. I’ll give you a warm, sustainable welcome.

An environmentally responsible ‘green’ copywriter

  • I work at home in a home office I share with my husband
  • We keep the heating low. If I get chilly, I add an extra jumper
  • The heating goes off at night
  • We drive around 4000 miles a year between us, so your copy comes with super-low word miles!
  • We’ve dumped our oil-fired heating and gone wholly electric, choosing a 100% renewable energy supplier
  • Solar is on the cards. It’s just a matter of time. The technology is developing uber-fast at the moment, as is energy storage tech, and we want to make the best long term choice
  • I never visit clients in person. In my 14 years as a freelance writer I’ve worked almost 100% exclusively online
  • If I absolutely have to meet a client in person, I use public transport
  • I never buy new. Charity shops, vintage and antique stores are my thing
  • We’ve used every relevant draught-proofing and insulation product we can find to reduce our energy consumption
  • I shut down and switch off my machine as soon as I’ve finished work for the day, and I don’t leave anything on stand-by
  • Our home is lit with low energy LED bulbs
  • I haven’t flown for years, and I am happy to guarantee that I won’t fly again
  • We live in a heavily farmed area where there’s very little room left for wildlife. We’ve created a garden with the safety and well-being of wildlife in mind
  • I’m a Labour Party member and active party supporter. Labour has created an excellent New Green Deal to support climate change reduction, one so good I am proud to get behind it
  • I am a vegetarian
  • I’m a member of the Extinction Rebellion, for whom I write
  • I refuse to write for companies that do harm. The Ethical Consumer website helps me avoid the baddies

If you want to do a little bit more to help mitigate climate change, why not hire a writer who always takes it into account? I’ll be delighted to help your business thrive as long as it’s an organisation that does no harm.

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